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The Net-Zero Data Public Utility

The Net-Zero Data Public Utility

The Challenge

Today, climate transition-related data, including key data on company greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and emission reduction targets, is not reported consistently, and there are often barriers to accessing this information. For companies, calculating their overall carbon footprint can be costly, and the lack of accessible data can make benchmarking against peers challenging. Regulators, investors, and other stakeholders who aim to develop robust net-zero strategies can struggle to source the comparable, high quality underlying data necessary to do so. Access to key climate transition-related data enables action and encourages accountability.

Better information, accessible by everyone, will help accelerate the transition toward a net-zero economy.

The Climate Data Steering Committee

To address this global data challenge, French President Emmanuel Macron and UN Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions Michael R. Bloomberg created the Climate Data Steering Committee (CDSC) in June 2022. At its core, the Committee aims to serve the climate objectives of the United Nations by driving forward global momentum to build a broadly accessible foundation of high-quality climate data that is critical to delivering a net-zero economy.

Soon after its creation, the CDSC convened global regulators, policymakers, civil society organizations, and other financial market participants to consider and advise on what data is needed to support and accelerate the net-zero transition.

Governance Principles

Recommendations for the Development of the Net-Zero Data Public Utility

In September 2022, the CDSC released a draft white paper outlining its proposed recommendations for the development of a Net-Zero Data Public Utility (NZDPU or Utility) for public consultation. The NZDPU would be an open, free, and centralized data repository that would allow all stakeholders to easily access key climate transition-related data, commitments, and progress of businesses and financial institutions toward those commitments.

After incorporating public feedback, the CDSC released its recommendations at COP27, proposing a pilot version of the NZDPU. Review our Recommendations Development Process on how changes were made to the white paper in response to public consultation feedback.

Technical Build of the NZDPU

The technical build of the NZDPU pilot will be supported by a consortium led by Insomniac Design, Inc., alongside CyBourn, Inc. and Google Public Sector, LLC.

Insomniac Design, Inc. is a digital agency, focused on making lasting impacts on brands, people, and communities through digital transformation, modernization, product development, and delivery of technical solutions. Insomniac Design will lead the design, development, and launch of the beta pilot of the NZDPU.

Google Public Sector, LLC will support Insomniac Design by providing cloud infrastructure and platform expertise to build a system that is equitably and globally accessible, secure, and resilient for modern web platforms.​

CyBourn, Inc., is a global cybersecurity consulting, security operations and incident response firm that will support Insomniac Design by providing security testing and verifications to protect the platform and the data that it stores.

Want to engage with the NZDPU?

Join one of our Focus Groups

Several focus groups will contribute their input to the Utility as it is designed and built. The focus groups will gather diverse industry players to discuss challenges and opportunities in the climate transition-related data space. Focus group participants will provide advice and insights to the NZDPU to advance creation of the beta pilot across its features, including its data models and functionality. Learn more about joining the focus group in the Focus Group Charter.

NZDPU Focus Groups are for the following user segments:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Assurance, Verification, and Data Service Providers
  • Real Economy Companies and Corporates

CDP and NZDPU Collaborate to Accelerate Access to Core Climate Data: CDP, the global non-profit providing a platform for all companies, financial institutions and cities to report information on their environmental impacts, and the NZDPU have announced a significant step toward making high-quality, comparable global climate transition-related data freely available. (09/20/23)

Climate Data Steering Committee announces next steps for groundbreaking net-zero public data utility, white paper recommendations: Utility will make it easier and more transparent to determine whether private sector businesses are delivering on climate commitments (11/10/22)

Climate Data Steering Committee Proposes Recommendations for the Development of First-Ever Publicly Accessible Climate Data Utility: The Utility would make climate transition-related data openly available in a single place for the first time and providing accurate, trusted, and verifiable data – a potential game-changer to enabling the delivery of a net-zero economy (09/21/22)

French President Emmanuel Macron and UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions Michael R. Bloomberg Announce a Climate Data Steering Committee to Advise How to Capture and Create Open, Centralized Climate Data to Accelerate the Transition Towards a Resilient, Net Zero Global Economy: Following President Macron’s announcement of a One Planet Data Hub, and the announcement of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, co-chaired by Mike Bloomberg, this new Climate Data Steering Committee brings together global organisations, regulators, policy makers and private sector leaders, who will present findings in September during the United Nations General Assembly. (06/03/22)